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Originally Posted by Gunbot View Post
I believe the people who bemoan Cloanto for making money off of this software are the same ones who refused to upgrade from their A500 to an A3000 because "It looks like a pc" or refused to buy an A1200 because "It's so expensive" This cheapness helped bury Commodore and all the software houses who had their games pirated a day after release. You tightwads killed the Amiga community so don't try to lay blame on everyone else.
No it's not - I blame Medhiling Ali for his 'contribution'... even C= do on the Deathbed Vigil

Meh, I've bought Cloanto licenses in the past. Would I buy again or upgrade? Most likely not - expensive for what it is and its not like the money we pay Cloanto is actually going to the guys who created the ROMs/Workbench originally. Maybe an email to R.J. Mical is in order to see if he gets royalites from Workbench licencing?
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