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"it makes ppl who cant have long hair jealous".
Off Topic:
I know I often use he excuse that if I eventually lose my hair I'd have to start shaving it. So why shave it now? If I must spend my elder years with a shaved head, why should I have to spend my middle years with one too? Use it while you have use of it I say....

Besides, hair is a plant that lives on your head. If you constantly shave the stems of the plant down, all the nutrients in the hair go into trying to grow the stems back again - making the hair put all it's energy into growth. This is fine if the stems are relatively short, but VERY short (i.e. shaved) hair takes x10 times the amount of energy to regrow than trimmed hair, and long hair takes almost no extra energy to grow at all. That's why you often see balding guys go bald even quicker when they start shaving it. Hats also cut sunlight to the hair (used as an energy source) and also make the head sweat - which rots the hair at the base of the stem - so wearing hat to hide the bald spot will only make it worse. Constantly washing hair (like everyday) means the fingers are constantly rubbing the hair away (while shampooing and also while vigerously drying), and then further combing it will remove even more. Blow drying hair can also make it dry too quickly, becoming fine and brittle. This is relatively ok if you wash it two or three times a week, but every day just means more hairs in the sink hole. Hair produces it's own natural oils, which shampooing washes away, so the hair also has to work overtime 're-greasing' itself back to natural equilibrium. ...And then we wash it; and the whole cycle of robbing and replacing, overwork and no pay, starts all over again... This is on top of the stress of bleaching, dying, hairspray, and using other unnatural chemicals and creams on the hair - perhaps to make it 'stand up', or force it into a particular 'style'. Hair really does have a hard life, so if you have hair, treat it like a friend rather than something which has to be battled with and won over - 'cus you will always win - and the hair (you) will always lose. Philosophy over.

On topic:
Forgot to mention this before we return to Matt Chat and his wonderful interviews, but you might also like to check out my playguide (they're all playguides) to: [ Show youtube player ]. I am exceptionally proud of this longplay as I redubbed the whole soundtrack in the style of a movie.

Happy new year.
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