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Lightbulb Idea for a simple music synced game for amiga

last night i had an idea for a really simple game, similar to Boom Boom Rocket on the xbox.

basically you have planet earth in the middle of the screen (would be nice in 3d, especially if we can orbit the camera and see other planets and the sun passing in the background), and various asteroids and other objects come towards the earth and you have to move the joytick/pad pad for it's direction and fire a missle at the right moment, not too close, not too far... all timed to music!

there would obviously be 8 directions for asteroids to shoot and some form of indicator (perhaps an accentuated ozone layer) to act as the sweet spot for when to time your shot. points are gained depending on how perfect the timing was and lost if the asteroid hits the earth. or maybe, have a limit as to how many asteroids hit, and change the landscape of the earth to a darker/burned tone the closer you get to oblivion.

same screen multiplayer could be done in much the same way as boom boom rocket, where the asteroids are coloured or have a coloured trail for the intended player.

perhaps add an editor for people to add their own Chiptune music with an asteroid editor for the community to share their own "levels"

in 2d I think this would be pretty darn simple to make... 3d, well i have no idea lol. multiplayer over tcp/ip? hmmmmm lol.

what do you guys think to the idea?! just as i was dozing off last night in bed, it came to me and woke me right up. had to write it down incase i forgot it in the morning haha!
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