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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
If you don't use the RAD, it doesn't leave anymore as seen in my last video: [ Show youtube player ]

So I guess you're asking for using with the RAD ?
I just tried version 10 - works perfect (Rad disabled) =)

Well done, I'm impressed!

And yes, when you quit a game, back to TL! Fantastic stuff.

Originally Posted by olesio View Post
@Nostromo: yes. I made following script to that. And a S:tl_startup containt assign to TLGECS: which was used in old TinyLauncher and it is used to change directory in *.tl scripts for non WHDLoad games runed by TinyLauncher. So following script at start of S:startup-sequence will continue loading your WB system when you exit from Tiny Launhcer by F10 key. Otherwise it loop itself. And one important thing: on my real Amiga 1200 and Classic WB Lite system I must add >NIL: after set command. In other case Classic WB shows error with CON and only way is select reboot button in requester.
assign >NIL: T: RAM:
assign >NIL: ENV: RAM:
IF EXISTS S:tl_startup
  execute S:tl_startup
set >NIL: Reply `DH1:TINYLAUNCHER/TinyLauncher.exe`
IF $Reply not eq "5"
Thanks Olesio. Can it be setup so it gives an option? Say press JOYSTICK button within 5 seconds to load TinyLauncher, if not it loads WB3.1?

Thanks =)

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