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Depends what you mean by boring. You can customize your Workbench screen in quite a few ways. Rather than the boring grey I have a subtle blue background, as well as a blueish colour for the icons. I left the black and cream colours alone. I've got Workbench 2.05 and I think its in the preferences drawer that you can change the Palette. You can make your own mouse pointer too but you'll probably find the default one is actually best. I just trimmed off the shadows and brightened the red a bit to make it nicer.
You can also I think draw your own icons, but this may be on the Extras disk. I discovered though that trying to brighten the Workbench up too much makes it look zany and it ends up spoiling the idea of it being a serious utility.
I can't help you with the third party apps but I'm sure somebody will.
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