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@Gibs thanks, not needed anymore =)

By the way, here is a suggestion:

I have downloaded and unzipped the entire KGLoad game collection.
This is bigger than 4gb so I had to spread out the collection (around 6gb) on two partitions, because of the Amiga's 4GB limitation. AGA and ECS are not in seperate folders. So instead, I have the following:

DH1: Games-> With all the games from A-H in one folder (aga and ecs)
DH2: Games-> With all the games from I-Z in another folder (also aga and ecs)

So in the end I tricked TL by pointing ECS to DH1:Games and AGA to DH2:Games, that way I have the whole collection available in TL.

Is there a way you can maybe give us the option to have multiple directories, and these are not ECS/AGA specific?

Thanks =)

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