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Me too... I just entered this forum after 'fooling around on eBay' and suffered a brain hemorrhage that made me the proude owner of 2 x A500 and 2 x A1200.
It's been a long time since I have had an Amiga between my filthy hands (late 1990).
Back in those days 'we' had WB 1.2/1.3 to boot the goddamn 'thing' and IF you were rich you also had a ½ Mb RAM expansion (stinking rich an extra floppy drive a well).
CD-ROM, HD and so on, was a no-no-land.

Ever since I sold that machine, my thoughts always returned to either that or my beloved C=64.

For 20 years (or so) I have sailed around on a raft with Gill Bates (YES he's a p***y) and his dubious Windows OS. Then some 3 weeks ago, I jumped back to the future and now I'm sitting here, feeling a bit 'lost', because I've never handled a HD on an Amiga nor these famours *.ADF files, everybody is talking about.

Where to start (HD first then *.ADF) ?


Shopping list from eBay:

1 pcs A 500 (plain)
1 pcs A 500 with 1 Mb RAM and kickswitch for KS 1.2/1.3
1 pcs A 1200, 84 Mb HD (expansion board is on its way)
1 pcs A 1200, 4Gb CF HDD, Blizzard 1230 MK4 w/128MB RAM, 3.1 Rom V40.68
1 pcs PCMCIA with an 8 Gb CF SanDisk Ultra II card
1 pcs 4 Gb CF with IDE controller WB 2.1
1 pcs 4 Gb CF with IDE controller WB 3.1
1 pcs 4 Gb CF with IDE controller Dual boot 3.1 & Sys 4 AGA
2 pcs Action Replay Mk I and Mk III
and a proper pile of floppys.

(Did I mention that I had a brain hemorrhage?)


Never mind the *.ADF, coz I found this:

[ Show youtube player ]

Those links I stole here:

and here:

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