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ESC also quits.

In the updated version the mouse cursor is actually turned off while the window is active. Even when the window is inactive however, it will probably still be restricted. I don't believe it's possible to fix this.

I will be adding arrow keys to the program, and i would take requests on any key combinations people would prefer.

I still have yet to find a file hosting service that will work for updates, most of them have URL's that will change or are temporary, so they will go inactive after a few minutes. It would have to be a direct link, such as the one in the OP, in order to work.

Obviously FileDen will not work as a suitable server to host updates, as the updater program searches for a specific URL, and the URL of the updated EXE will change with each upload using FileDen. As you can see, it has '12' and '29' in its URL, denoting 29th of December, thus making it useless for an updater program which has a fixed URL. I would have to update the updater everytime in order to make that work, which sort of defeats the point. I tried hosting it on my Amiga-Zone website, but it appears my host for that website does not allow files as big as the program. (4MB or so)

Thanks for the feedback though.

EDIT: Just ran a succesful test on updating it, it should technically be finished now. I will upload the new version shortly.

EDIT#2: New version posted in the OP, please download that one, the updater.exe should work now, I will post when i release an update, i would love to hear from you guys if you manage to succesfully update.

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