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Here is a new *beta* version:

-Fixed the space drives's bug (tested (+rad -rad), but can you test your way?)
-In RAD Deactivated MODE : TL doesn't quit and is back when you quit your app.
Tested with demos only ATM and weird results with some demos.
Need to be tested with whdload...
In my opinion it's better to use the RAD.
-Improved detection names
Only in database mode ATM.
-If your exe filename has spaces ex: "Thrust - Ottifanten.exe" it now works.
-Also for your Slaves ex: "BrianThe Lion.slave" (Don't use spaces at the end of the file, it's useless and won't work anymore.

-One last thing, *not recommended ATM*, your directories can have spaces too. 25 characters max (anyway can you create a longer one in the workbench?).
BTW one of the TL goal is to do a quick setup, so it is recommended to keep the patcher's names.

Need testing...

@Nostomo, do you still need my startup-sequence ? because it's just the original one with TinyLauncher.exe at the begining...

@Olesio (20000LeaguesUnder... has been tested with 1.84 and it works without renaming...)

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