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3D HoL

Ok well, This is a very basic program I've come up with.

At the moment it has virtually no content to speak of. But i will update regularly with content, so it might be worth running the 'updater.exe' every now and then to see if i have updated it. All you can do at the moment is walk into the games and view their HoL page.

Planned Features:

- Will allow you to instantly go to any HoL page for any Amiga game shown in the Library. Planning to have several hundred games in the Library.

- Hopefully will add the ability to boot up Amiga games from the Library. Probably by booting up some form of emulation program.

The Library includes an updater program, which 'should' in theory, let you update the Library easily, whenever i release an update. I haven't been able to fully test it, so when I update it I'll post here and await your feedback, hopefully.

Sorry this release is so empty, it's more of a prototype, updates should be released regularly.



W - Walk Forward

S - Walk Backward

Mouse - Look Around

ESC - Quit

Please report any bugs to me, even though theres virtually no visible content yet, theres quite a bit going on.


BUG: Updater will ask 'Do you want to update to 1.00'.

THEORY: The updater does not recognize numbers past 2 decimal points, hence any number from 1.000 to 1.004 will be viewed as 1.00, so when we hit 1.005, the updater will most likely say 'Do you want to upgrade to 1.01'.

There are no plans to fix this bug, more likely that as the program progresses, i will move from doing 1.00# to doing 1.0#.

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