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Before trying, what do I do excactly? Launch TinyLoader, enable RAD, then what? I exit Tinyloader and go to hdtoolbox?

As for your questions I am using HDF and FFS.

I have the following setup:

1 x 4gb HDF in two partitions, both FFS:
DH0: = Workbench (500 mb or so) - DH1:Games and DH1emos (the rest)

and another 1 x 4gb HDF with 1 parition:

Hope that helps.

Here you can see the settings:

Ok I fixed it.... it was something stupid, probably my fault

My DH1: was called dh1: as a partition (under HDInstaller) but as Volume label it was called "WHDLoad #1" in Workbench. I also renamed this to dh1: and it worked.

Is it supposed to be like that?

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