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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Hey, steady on! We're still a long way from PPC becoming 'the norm', you know. And there's no PPC Amiga emulation on the horizon yet, either.
LOL ! NOoooooo-no-no-no, i meant emulating the 68k inside OS4. i note that if you code something a certain way, OS4 will run it natively, while non native stuff like demos etc need an emulator? so i'm basically catering for the poor souls running a ppc only system on that front.

and that's also why i chose the 060 as a target, for emulation reasons as there's likely more people without an 060 than with, but modern pc's can emulate the 060 no problem. so basically i'm aiming at everyone, OS4 users, genuine 60'ers, and UAE users if they haven't got that. but with the maximum possible grunt to allow for something, er, larger than normal heh
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