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thanks! hearing enthusiasm from just one person is encouraging

the idea is a game similar looking to Robinson's Requiem on Amiga, ie the voxel waves for terrain but with the addition that it's deformable (ie you can dig and drop dirt to change it) survival and resource gathering similar to Stranded II for PC (ie not as complex as RR cos it was darned hard!), and if it's not too much effort to host a server and get multiplayer going, then make it a community based persistant world we can all share, like the way the Wurm Online world is totally player built. basically a sandbox where everything is created by the players, and random terrain generator with survival mode for single player. and No! not a Minecraft like game! there'll be no (or at least alot fewer given the hardware target) cubes in this game! lol - play Wurm Online and you'll know what i mean! haha!

having never coded a game before, i realise thats a leap right into the pits of the underworld let alone the deep end! lol. hence why i'll need to either spend years teaching myself Blitz/Assembly or just open it up for people with the skills to chip in where they want/can.
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