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typing on my miggy in iBrowse so CBA replying and quoting in the nice and sensible fashion you have :P

RE: AmiSYS - will do if I can recreate the problem, there is however the issue of my FastATA mk IV that is causing me a serious headache but I'll put a thread in the relevant slot for that

RE: Amigakit RAM - would love to find a single sided sodimm (or should that be simm?) that will fit! I've got a double sided in right now and it's a squeeze... although I have already asked for a quote to stick a riser on it my soldering skills are sketchy at the best of times so I daren't risk soldering on my pride and joy!

RE: Welcome post and replies - I thought i'd make the effort to make it look like i'm sticking around like I said in my first post, i've been a long time lurker. Now i have this baby up and running properly (and permanently) and plan on spending a small fortune getting her up to modern specs i figured i'd need a lil help. so I figured I'd better register to announce my interest

You'll be getting many more questions from me over the course of a few weeks/months! and hopefully one day I will know enough to give back!

I have ideas i'm putting on digital paper for a game targetted at 060's and FPGA based equivalents (NatAmi). i'm a 2d & 3d graphics artist, designer and coordinator by trade in my IT career history, so my coding skills are basic. I can read code, just have no idea where to start from scratch! so it'll no doubt be a struggle... perhaps if i can put enough down, with road marks, mind maps and bouncing ideas around i could garner enough interest from a coder to join in. it'd be great to spur interest in an open source collaborative effort. I have no plans to commercialise it, but wait for me to get all my thoughts down first and we'll see what happens

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