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Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
Well to be honest all i did was download and reinstall iBrowse over the current installation so I didn't really think it worth mentioning.
Sometimes that's all it takes to fix a problem. However, it's still worth mentioning so that users aren't left wondering.

Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
It seems alot of things have been broken by the AmigaSYS installation. Either that or i cocked something up! hehe
Please, report any problems you've had with AmigaSYS installation in the AmigaSYS forum. It may be a while before you get a response, but it will help both you and AmigaSYS to put things right.

Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
RE: Photos, Of course!
That's the spirit!

Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
I'm thinking about attempting an AmiKit installation on another partition. Wonder if the 060 with only 32mb fastram would keep up with it though? i also wonder if it'll look gash in 256 colours. food for thought!
AmiKit is for high-end systems, of course, and your 060 fits the bill, but 32MB memory is pushing it a bit. Add 64MB, 128MB or even 256MB memory to your wish list soon.

Finally, I know your introduction thread got of to a slow start, but thanks for sticking with it. It's developing nicely now, but so many new members come here and post just once and then disappear for good when they don't get an instant reply.
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