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Question iBrowse Support Required


I'm trying to reduce the size of the font displayed inside the browser. Somehow i managed to reduce the fonts for the applications itself via MUI, but not the html text. any advice on that would be appreciated.

Also, I'm having trouble with SSL. I just installed version 3.6 which i believe (most likely not though) is the correct/latest version to the ibrowse folder as it suggested, but iBrowse still complains about it when trying to log into my gmail

another question related to this (but not applicable to the title) is how to use the SSL/TLS with YAM as i'd like to use the pop facility of gmail.

info of my system is: OS 3.9 with latest AmigaSYS 4 AGA, bb1 and bb2 running on 1260 with 32mb ram.

many thanks for your help
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