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I finished off a target render for the desert floor with a sand dune effect. It looks nice at all speeds even with just 15 frames of animation so I upped the colour count to 8 colours as it takes the same memory as 30 frames of 4 colours.

Running it through a copper list it looks nicely depth cued so I am happy with this. Converted it to animated GIF format for testing and it rolls along smoothly even running at full speed of 50FPS.

Now I am at the stage where it will take me longer to do any more work on a PC than an Amiga eg to simulate the copper list or animate the Starfighters etc, very time consuming and fiddly even with layers of PSP. Dpaint 3 is still king for animation work

Attached is the finalised 8 colour animation as a GIF with just 8 colours (no simulated copperlist effect on this). It is set at a low speed so you can see the animation but most animated GIF editors will let you speed up the animation.
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