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Attached you find the fixed source.

I added the missing raw images (ripped from the executable):
circle.raw, solopic.raw, solopic_d.raw, xcopypic.raw, xcopypic_d.raw

And the Powerpacked version of xcopypic.pp, xcopypic_d.pp and solo.pp, which are all needed to build the executable.

The missing macros.i for config.asm had been reconstructed.


- I wrote a makefile to build XCopyPro with vasm. AsmOne could work too, Devpac not, because of the missing BASEREG directive.
- A Powerpacker cruncher is missing. I commented the line in the makefile. Anybody got a portable PP cruncher source?
- To build XCopy_config you need the assember includes from the NDK and the amiga.lib for the _LVOxxx symbols.

I can build it and it works, on configurations up to 68020/ECS. To make it work on higher configurations the program has to be fixed.

I do not intend to continue working on the source. I just had some free hours and some fun to make it assemble.
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