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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Quite so. I am not disputing that. However, a tendency was beginning to develop for the discussion to focus on that exclusively, with no regard to the original subject matter of the thread, and that is what was threatening to drag it off-topic.
Ahh right thats fair enough !!

I understand now fully where your coming from. It was the one liner you originally put in that threw me...I really thought i was just following the thread and building on it....Glad thats sorted sorry it got out of hand.

Bringing things back to the theme ....

As far as PS3 & 360 go i for one cannot be bothered to mod anymore... so console games i buy but usually when there on offer or budget.
PC games i will still try.....But if i like them as soon as thier on budget i will buy ...For instance bought force unleashed a fiver at Morrisons the other day....My DSI has an R4i....Cant deny that.
I think games are now better value for money...I used to say " wouldnt it be good if the game gfx were as good as the intros " Now of course they are.

So software houses do actually make money from me now even at full price if i really want it..I think they make a lot more money now than they did back then.. I wonder How many of us Vetrans out there who pirated games still think its worthwhile with todays quality...Also noting a game considered crap now would have been mind blowing back then

PS !! Kickstart roms...Hey i spent a fortune on the Amiga and bought loads of originals....Ok maybe to crack ....but i did pay out and without the amiga community the roms are not worth anything to anyone....So ye i will use them without any guilt what so ever. They really belong to us as far as im concerned.

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