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@ Matt - Thanks for helping me / inspiring me to do this! By co-incidence I got my hair cut just before making the video. I don't know what it's like where you are; but around here you have to be able to put up with a lot of peer immaturity when it comes to hair length. I used to have it shoulder length - and this is what first attracted my (now Ex) wife - so there can be advantages and disadvantages as you say...

I have no plans to do any more RPGs for the way-long foreseeable furture. I've already done Hunter and LOV. In the new year I'll start with Turrican II, Superfrog, and Gods - with many more to follow. All my games will be Amiga games of course.

@ Laffer - I get what you mean. Compared to a pro like Matt, my reviews are rather lame. That's why I'll never be a professional - no matter how hard I try. I started out on this journey because I was bored with guys playing some often great games very badly and posting their efforts onto youtube - along with a voiceover which states 'I don't know what I'm doing, I'm crap at this game' - which does nothing to inspire the viewer to play them. Then Matt Chat came along, and then a guy who made the Pats Nostalgia channel on youtube, (and Jim Plays Games of course), and I thought - 'if they can do it - I can'. I was always too afraid that my Lancashire droll sounded too goddam boring for reviews - but I always wanted to be a games reviewer so this is it!, basically.

With these playguides I wanted to show people how you actually play the games; so that anyone can watch these guides, jump in and have fun. I like to give away a few hints, tips and secrets I've found, and to demonstrate what the game can be like in capable hands. My videos try to aim half-way between a review and a longplay. The review part is often researched in detail beforehand so that I can talk about past reviews, bugs, developer bios, and the history of the genre etc. Most are cut down in size to be punchy and interesting. LOV should have been cut after the first quest is completed (after the line: 'Phew! I need a lie down'), but I couldn't bring myself to chop it. I think it suffers a little as a result... still, I'm happy I did this parody - to show my support for Matt and everything....

edit: for Matt? - 4-Matt? - Format? - Format Chat!

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