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Rocket Ranger

Total WinUAE noob here. I recently reconnected with an old friend. We each had 500s, then 1200s back in the day. We still have our 1200s. We used to connect them with a null modem cable and play Stunt Car Racer on two 20" TVs. I remembered that he never finished Rocket Ranger. He got all the way to the end and died. There was no save feature or something. I never played the game. I thought it would be nice to set up WinUAE for him and let him finish the game. He now has a Win 7 laptop, but would not have patience or knowledge to set it up himself. So I set up WinUAE on my PC. Followed the lemonamiga tutorial. D/Led Rocket Ranger, but it won't go. I got Defender of The Crown, Cannon fodder, Robinson's Requiem, and Black Crypt to run. RR just sits at the WorkBench 3.1 screen. Someone on another site said to untick NTSC, but it made no difference. I had hoped to have it ready by Xmas, but I'm still struggling. Any ideas?
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