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Prowler !!

This was mentioned log before Galahad and myself mentioned the demise of the amiga ....

Ultron..." Problem with all the people that pirated then, and don't today:
All the Amiga game producers are already bankrupt and the Amiga is dead. "

SilentBob...." But that's a bad excuse, I know.So if the main cause of the downfall of the Amiga was piracy, of course I regret what I did.

DDNI " Did the Amiga suffer due to piracy? I dont think so "

Jope " When I hear the statement "Piracy killed the Amiga" I just roll my eyes and shrug my shoulders. Piracy made the C-64 "

Djay " as for killing the Amiga... well... "

Girv " Did piracy kill the Amiga? No. "

dirkies " are we now criminals who killed Amiga? "

ungi " Still, the reason why the Amiga died was ONLY due to Commodore getting bancrupt "

Guru64 " THAT didn't kill the Amiga. "

Jonsick " Piracy didn't kill the amiga. "

I think an apology is in order !!
Its quite clear the thread had already been discussing what killed the Amiga !!

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