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Interesting thread . I have the full set for each machines, including coin-op games for MamePlus! of course. It really depends about the game, often the arcade version is better but the amiga version is sometimes better (pang, midnight resistance, silkworm, rodland, ...) or as good as the arcade (arkanoid 1, ...)... But i like to see the diffrences too, and especially, i think that to prefer one or other version depends about the feeling and events attached to a certain game. For example, for me the arcade version of Golden Axe is the only one (even if i played it on amiga and still have it) because i played the first time in a public place with a friend. We finished it with 10 coins hahaha and had so much laugths and fun that everytime i am launching it today, the game is attached with this evening .

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