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Smile Hello from Northampton UK!

Hi there!

Long time Amiga fan, long time lurker here too

I was very privaledged when I was ten years old to be given an A600 for Christmas.

Later in life i picked up a 1200 on fleabay for about 50 quid and got a bargain on a Blizzard 1260 with 32mb ram (paid £130 in 2007 iirc) its a first edition, so runs a bit warm (blazing hot before I did a casemod, more on that later) but never had problems with it.

Recently I decided it was time to bring out the beast and it's now permanently set up with it's own desk and LCD TV in our "snug" room

On christmas day I bought a WHDLoad license (thanks to Bert for sending my keys on Boxing Day!!!)

In the last month i spent a a ton or two with and added a FastATA Mk IV, and a CF card with adapter along with buying a new mouse and joypad. I'm also in the process of sourcing a better laptop cd drive to ide adapter with a proper master/slave switch, as the one from Maplins does NOT (despite it's description) have it

currently mods to the original desktop case are as follows:
Slot cut on rear (pcmcia side) for slot loading DVD drive. It's fitted and is powered but need the ide adapter.
Slot cut under floppy drive for CF drive swapping, it's quite well hidden
trap door around 1260 has a hole cut to fit a modified heat sink that sits flush with the base of the case... front bottom and top rear vents sealed so a cpu fan placed in middle inside can suck air out the top and in through the bottom where the 1260 heatsink is.... this works a treat and the early 1260 model has gone from too hot to touch to luke warm

bought some extra rubber feet and stuck them on the original feet to raise the unit off the table another 5mm for increased air flow to the 1260.

have converted a 250w atx psu to amiga by using a square connector of my old broken A600 psu. Need to rig a switch to the "shield" wire as i've got that hooked to the power on signal line of the psu, so atm i need to unlug the square connector to turn things off. the psu has no switch and i hate having to bend down under the desk anyway, always hated that about the amiga psu too!

oh i've re routed some power supply wiring inside too so the floppy power isn't in use (would never power the dvd drive and floppy at once anyway)

Future upgrades/planned mods:
Indivision AGA as soon as amikit recieve new stock (have money saved ready)

I've tried to keep all mods as descrete as possible... the only giveaway that it's a monster, is the cpu fan noise when glanced at and even then it's pretty quiet.

I'd love an 060 PPC to get AOS4 running but having seen how expensive they are these days, i'd have better luck holding out for the Dragon Coldfire.... wait, whatever happened to that anyway?

when i can be bothered or need to open her up again i'll take some piccies of her internals, and i'll take some pics of the outside and some benchmarks for those interested


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