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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Er, mate, it is on topic!

Someone mentioned piracy/cracked games as being the problem of the Amigas demise, others pointed out that it was more than that.

Struggling to see how this isn't on topic
Thats what i figured as well

Anyway Piracy has been on just about everything and anything ...My mate used to pop something in his snes port and copy the games to floppy...then load them back in the same way and although software houses do thier best to protect thier warez ...Lets face it the console and PC industry do not do to much to help because the pirate industry sells units !!

For Example....Xbox old black version....On the originals to fit a chip you had to blow out solder holes to fit the plug on the was a bit awkward..

On the next release did microsoft remove the holes to stop the plug being fitted....No worse....They unblocked the holes for us

Microsoft give us CD and DVD copying capabilities ( especially included on XP ) ...Thanks very much again !!

Now we can copy blu-rays..movies, music anything ....because the industry give us the tools to do it...In the old days we copied games because we were ripped off left right and center by amazing packaging etc....These days the games are what we dreamed they would be like so the majority would like to own the it then maybe trade it and sell iton ebay or something....or wait a few months and get an xbox game for £9:99 ...And as for the Nintendo DS.....gimmie a break.....they make that so easy its frightning..

CD.s DVD, sold in batches of 100 and very cheap....What you think we need 100 DVD's to copy are pics and word documents on ....As long as we are given the means to do it we probably will.....

Sorry i rambled on a bit

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