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Originally Posted by ramparts View Post
the lack of stop points and comma was because i was not pleased with your answer as a possible costumer for me neither the price is the problem just like to spent my money in good thing kyroflux is a great product just persons expect of your product was a perfect copier machine for their own backup copies i understand also that the circuitry would be upgraded it is not a one step thing.
but i think price should be more acessible i am planing on mnufacturing a new accelerator board for the amigas and i would prefer a good price for selling then be stuck with all just for colectors amiga owners and collector like me need fresh blood from amiga products all old sellers are dying out of stock i hope in a new future bring happynes for all amiga collectors and modders by the way peace and happy new year
Interesting to note your level of literacy changes upon how pleased you are. Going from the lack of punctuation in this reply you were really not pleased when you typed this it either?

If you want to use a Kyroflux as a copier you can. If you have an original game you wish to copy you can get the .IPF file from SPS. As Kyroflux has write support for .IPF files you can then make as many copies as makes you feel like putting punctuation in your posts. If the game has not already been dumped you can dump the game, submit it and get the .IPF file.
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