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This is wonderful - a 'proper' computer; cheap enough to be an impulse buy, simple enough to attract new blood in to development, and yet powerful enough to be useful...
...the moment RiscOS 5 is out for it I shall buy at least one. Hmm, I wonder how overclockable / hackable it is..?

I had been toying with cramming a PC in to an Oric Atmos case I have laying about but, yawn, been there & done that...
...this would be more fun and more 'home computery'...

Model A or Model B, eh?
My wishful thinking smells a new BBC computer literacy project and TV series. Please, please, please... Maybe not main-stream. but a regular 'Sky at Night' slot would be lovely.
I wonder if the old presenters are still alive?
Ian: Right Chris, you have your Raspberry, is your soldering iron up to temperature?
Chris: Which end do I hold?
...Oh, joy! :-)

Hello, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all. I'm not dead, just very busy.

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