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I think another problem which caused ppl to buy PCs was that everyone thought that the Amiga was only made for playing games.

I still remember a situation dunno exactly when it was, maybe early 90 were my father asked me (I owned an Amiga 2000 these days) not to buy a "more serious" computer. Well I asked him, wtf, what do you mean by this? I love this machine also it can do much more than all of this PC/AT (black/white) bullsh*t.

Well my father said that everyone that owned an Amiga is only playing, since today my father does not know that well in fact I did not play too much games on it but learned how to program, made my homework with its etc..

Even today: In my company I told ppl that I owned an Amiga. If I say that I even had a HardDrive everyone thinks I am an idiot: "What? a harddrive on the Amiga? - haha.. did a game support this?". What? Game? :-)

Macintosh had a "serious" image and "PC" well it was made by IBM, is black and white it actually *IS* for hardcore serious work only, don't you think?
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