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I will test new version later. Now I spend some time to download unique KGWHDLoad Packs. I removed all games in non English or Polish version and almost all RPG's except Moonstone and all big Adventures Games except Goblins ofcourse and many other. I leave only 44 AGA Games and 1538 ECS. But maybe parting my real AMiga HDD to 60 MB system (ok) 300 MB for backup and rest for Games/Demos on 2 GB HDD was not too good decision, because I cannot fit all the games. But no problem I got almost 230 the best titles for me. Rest is for WinUAE usage. I do not have time to play right now all titles anyway. But I made small tool for Windows and Gibs or others let me know what you think. I attached. I do not have too good Amiga porgramming knowledge but maybe it is possible to writ similar tool for Amiga in HSPascal or AMOS, but no dynamic arrays may be problem. So my util after selecting subdirectory (you can even choose root drive but serarching will take some time if you have many files) can find .slave files and if name with extension is longer than 25 chars, name will be cut, also program check is file <thesameasslavebutwithinfoextension>.info exists and if yes it try to replace SLAVE=oldlongerthan25charsname.slave to SLAVE=shortername.slave and add ending $0 chars. So files can be used in Tiny Launcher and info files can be found by AddGames/AddDemos script in Classic WB and run under it. Program is written in Delphi with WinAPI. If someone interested I can share source code. I hope it will be useful for people with WinUAE which keep large WHDLoad collection outside hdf images or want to transfer file to real Amiga without problem with longer names when using Tiny Launcher. I hope you Gibs have Windows to test it, but probable if you record mov files or other youtube stuff you should handle it Time go to sleep, gotta go to work at todays evening. Sorry for my English and any errors in text, it is too late Ah I used small EAB Favicon as application icon because I'm not gfx geek ;/

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