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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Tell that to Apple!

Fact is, if Commodore gave the Amiga the technological upgrade it needed, i.e. ignore AGA and go straight to AAA, chances are, the Amiga would have continued for quite a bit longer.

Development on Amiga for the smaller developers was cheap, a decent game got good sales, all it needed was for Commodore to not rest on their laurels and bring the Amiga up to date.

They didn't, and the rest is history. That the Amiga was an all in one solution in one box is irrelevant, because thats exactly what the PS3 and 360 are today.
I don't think games/piracy were the only single factor.

The Amiga was a beast of a machine when it came to other tasks as well and it's a massive shame that they did not capitalize on/in the business market in a big way.

Yes some business users had an Amiga, but it seemed that most Amiga business users were still using it in the home. When they went to work, they would be using a 386 or 486 (PC).

If Amigas could have been encouraged into the workplace in place of 386 and 486's it probably could have enjoyed a longer lifespan, as for such tasks it was also miles ahead of the competition at the time.
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