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Have been working quite hard trying to get a texture that actually looks nice, tiles well (had to create my own seamless textures) and then renders down nicely to 4 colours. With 4 colours on the animation there may even be a chance to get this thing squeezed into 1mb.

Bad news is had a bit of a crash on Xmas eve and lost a lot of work so quite a setback because all the pre-set values for the various effects required in the 5 stages to get from a flat truecolour texture to a 3D field of view 4 colour tilted floor were lost and I need to do that 32 times in a row for each potential texture I was working on to get a sustained looping floor texture. 160 operations alone without time to tweak frames. Good news is I have finished two different texture styles (dry desert lake bed texture and sand dunes texture) which I really like at the moment, and have even worked out a nice copper list for depth cueing which is looking pretty cool right now.

Two images of one frame of the test textures I am considering as rendered for the floor that I am working on attached (sand dune and dry lake bed texture). One sand dune texture has a copper list active one is the plain 4 colour image. I have exaggerated the contrast spread of the 4 colours for the copper list testing so it looks much better when the colours have been worked out manually and hence the final 4 colours for the "nearest" section of the 3D textured floor. The sections vertically higher up the screen should give an impression of being shrouded in a sort of sandstorm in the distance which gives the pale yellow haze towards the horizon.

All I need to do now is some lovely clouds for the sky and some mountains and I have enough to start simple testing of the basic engine for honing the speed of the FPS to map to apparent speed travelling over the desert in flight. The mountains and sky will of course be on a completely different colour palette with a full palette switch at the centre point of the horizon on screen.
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