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Originally Posted by mrbob2 View Post
It wasnt commodore that killed the amiga. Its was simply technology.

Its like saying is the spectrum 48k had a floppy drive could it have competed against the amiga?


The 80s were about computers that had alll the components inside the keyboard, Commodore made everything, the PC was just a collection of random components made by dedicated component manufacturers, the amiga had a limited lifespan even from its birth. Everyone i knew owned an amiga 500, a few had a A1200 and 99% played games on it. When the megadrive came out and eventually psx, they played better games better gfx for half the price and all you did was whack in a game. For the amiga to compete it had to become a pc, we already had a pc so it was doomed. Nobody owns the PC, its a mutant of electronics.

Tell that to Apple!

Fact is, if Commodore gave the Amiga the technological upgrade it needed, i.e. ignore AGA and go straight to AAA, chances are, the Amiga would have continued for quite a bit longer.

Development on Amiga for the smaller developers was cheap, a decent game got good sales, all it needed was for Commodore to not rest on their laurels and bring the Amiga up to date.

They didn't, and the rest is history. That the Amiga was an all in one solution in one box is irrelevant, because thats exactly what the PS3 and 360 are today.
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