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Originally Posted by mr.vince View Post
We do offer special features upon request. So far all features requested by pro customers were implemented into the general release, too. Currently there is no difference in consumer or pro versions, except for the licensing model.

We know that the community has contributed to our efforts over the last decade so this is our way of giving back and saying thank you.

As said above DTC is the same. But pro customers get e.g. a light version of our Analyser, which can be used to inspect raw data dumped and detect modifications.

The reason it's for pro customers only is that it requires time and knowledge to train people how to use it. We don't have the manpower to support private users and private users would not want to pay for support. It's different when you do this on a professional basis as it's not unusual that support tickets are paid for.
Thanks for clarifying that, mr.vince. Would you please let us know if the position regarding parity between the consumer and pro versions of the DTC ever changes?

Originally Posted by mr.vince View Post
We have been thinking about offering the Analyser for private users, too, but I fear it would bring more hassle than fun. People will want support, and many will completely misunderstand what it is.
That's good to know. But, really, it's hardly fair to assume all users will be in that kind of trouble. Some of us are quite experienced at this lark, you know.
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