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Iprefs causing OS3.9 weirdness?

After installing OS3.9 (no Boing Bags) I didn't realise I had a problem until I tried running a few programs like PowerPacker 5.0, Audio-Master, Maverick, LockPick 2.0 and quite a few others. What happens is when I run any of those programs the screen goes haywire like the monitor is out of sync until I press Left Amiga + M to cycle the screen back to WB. If I drag the WB screen down I can see the program and can use it so long as it doesn't pop to the front (especially when a requester opens) as it goes haywire again and I have to keep using Left Amiga + M to get back to WB and use the program from behind the WB window!

So after messing about with the startup I found commenting out IPrefs solves the problem but leaves my WB icons looking crap as the colour depth looks like 4 colours not 256. Anyone have a clue as to what the problem is? I'm using PAL High Res for the monitor setting if that helps.
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