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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
I would like to know more about the difference between the version supplied to individuals and the commercial version. Is it purely in the software? What is the extra cost involved?
We do offer special features upon request. So far all features requested by pro customers were implemented into the general release, too. Currently there is no difference in consumer or pro versions, except for the licensing model. In our "world" the private & student versions are completely free, whereas those than can afford it, pay more (=the full bill).

We know that the community has contributed to our efforts over the last decade so this is our way of giving back and saying thank you.

Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Is it possible for an individual to buy at least some of the additional functions offered in the commercial version? Surely this would be a more proactive way of raising capital than waiting for donations.
As said above DTC is the same. But pro customers get e.g. a light version of our Analyser, which can be used to inspect raw data dumped and detect modifications.

The reason it's for pro customers only is that it requires time and knowledge to train people how to use it. We don't have the manpower to support private users and private users would not want to pay for support. It's different when you do this on a professional basis as it's not unusual that support tickets are paid for.

We have been thinking about offering the Analyser for private users, too, but I fear it would bring more hassle than fun. People will want support, and many - look below - will completely misunderstand what it is.

Originally Posted by ramparts View Post
It is not about building a circuitry that we are talking about is about paying for something that justifies the price it is payed and for all the money spent in the construction it is not considered don´t tell me you bought all the equipment for producing for further costumers pay for it it is not applyed to no project you remind me a car shop that put me in the bill a full solder roll when they just spent a few cm´s and any hobbyst can make their own pcb i done mine my self with all kinds of smd components that is not the main question you are justifiyng the price with the money of the manufacturing not justifying what the circuit can do that is the main and principal question thanks
A full stop here or a comma there would make reading your monster post easier and understandable.

You still have not read what it is or what it does so you still have not understood the product. It is a high resolution flux sampler made for preservation and it serves this purpose very well. This is not a hardware copier. I am not going to justify. Look at other homebrew projects and their pricing. If you think it's too expensive - don't buy it.

We are not responsible that you've been cheated by your car shop. Maybe you should have read the small print?
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