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Originally Posted by ramparts View Post
Let me see if i get it straight i am going to buy a 95 euros board that backups copy protected disks to adf format and doesn´t writ it back again ???
Can at least make copy from original source disk to floppy (backup)??
If you would take the time to _read_ and _understand_ the product facts you would clearly see that our aim is neither copying, nor writing to disk. It's a forensic imaging device that will give you high resolution raw files. These can be used for preservation or forensics, as a side effect it does write, too.

This is not intended to be a super-duper copying device, never was, although the advanced design makes it possible to also write disks very accurately.

As for the price... make a layout, build your own, do your own software, make it suitable for mass consumption, produce hundreds of boards, use your private money to set it all up, then come back and find someone who did not read what it is, but needs to complain, then discuss. Enjoy.

EDIT: And still... ADF writing and other stuff is on the list because people would like to have it.

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