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Merry Christmas

I have just uploaded an update to Aminet:

This update concerns the RAD!
The RAD Disk isn't resident in memory anymore: It means that you won't have to shutdown the Amiga using the power supply to kill it anymore. There is no reasons for not using the RAD if you own a little amount of memory. This is a really nice feature.
-"B" to switch the scripts from HD to CD (Check Infodesk for its status).
-Sysconfig will accept CD0:Directory if DH0:Directory exist (So you can modify your path to CD0: before making your ISO).

How to make a compilation for the CD32 (for example).
1/Prepare your system on DH0: (Tinylauncher, kickstarts, whdload, etc and verify that everything is working)
2/Activate the RAD Disk ('R' key).
3/ Switch from "Boot:HD" to "Boot:CD" ('B' key, check the InfoDesk panel for the status)
4/ Change your paths to CD0:Directory (in the Sysconfig panel)
5/ Make you iso & burn it.

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