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sorry its took so long to try this out,it all works from what i can see apart from the dreaded broken sword 2 problem.

broken sword 2 works but.............there is still the problem with opening the cupboard with the dart,but its a bit different now you can open the cupboard and it dont crash you get a graphics glich on screen and it keeps going(after it shows you a render error)
and the fire goes out after you open the cupboard and get blown across the floor.

im wondering one of two things:-

1:that maybe my copy is corrupt or
2:that the front end does something in the game when the dart is held over the cupbaord?!?

im leaning more to the first one as i downloaded it from a torrent site,any ideas?

im also having a bit of a sound problem with the discworld series,is there supposed to be voice samples in game?i dont know
there is a hissing sound where there should be something else the music plays the game works just wondering if theres supposed to be anything else there.
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