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Booting an A1200 from internal HDD.

Just got an A1200 and after swapping the wonky FDD with one from an A600 it is booting some disks now. However there is an 80MB IBM HDD inside the A1200 with three partitions on it. They are Workbench, Work and ASM. The Workbench partition seems to have everything on it to run but will only boot to a AmigaDOS window.
Sysinfo will run from there though.

Any ideas how to make this drive bootable. It's worth mentioning that I cannot use my Workbench floppys as they seem to have errors.

I have a spare FDD but it's going to need modded to work with the Amiga and I'm not sure when I'm going to get time to do it.

And I don't have a PC either.
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