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I think this is a neat idea but I'm not sure it can achieve it's aims of educating a new generation in down to metal computer understanding and coding. It all depends on the development environment and libraries which will require existing developers to create and then of course the kids won't learn about the guts and nuts and bolts. I don't see ARM plus linux being nearly as accesible to kids as speccy or C64. Linux is a bit of a monster.

I reckon it will more successful as an arduino type platform for hobbyist engineer types. Maybe the kids will learn by playing with dad I guess. Depends on the capabilities of it's GPIO pins, but it is cheaper and way more powerful than arduino. The involvement of David Braben is likely very appealing to this crowd also. The generation it is supposedly aimed at will say "David Who?"

Imigger, your rant is a bit off target I think. I take the point but wiring a plug, come off it, it takes all sorts to make the world go round, I bet there are plenty excellent coders you would be very unwise to let near your electricals, what is the expression, beware of programmers baring screwdrivers. I reckon there is a risk of certain computing skills disappearing as a generation of programmers retire and die off, this is at least an attempt to do something about it. Someone, has to be able to write future hardware drivers, operating systems, compilers, all the hard stuff you need to be a complete bithead to do.
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