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Automatic creation of IPFs is not something we have planned. This is due to the many complications as this is _NOT_ a process that should be automated. Master disks aren't just duped in the factory. The author submits a script that clearly defines what is going to be written where.

You risk getting a bad IPF very easily when you are using an automated process. Keir has developed such process, which works for a (felt) dozen of formats and protections, but will fail for anything more advanced. This is meant for basic stuff, e.g. plain Amiga DOS disks or simple stuff like density based Copylocks. There's more info on this on our forums. Enjoy but please be warned that such IPFs are not checked for integrity or authenticity. You will not see if data is modified, you just "stuff" it in the IPF container which can then be used to write it.

Apart from that we always clearly said / wrote that this is an imaging device and writing is just a bonus, which explains the priority we have for ADF and co. It will come, but we all have jobs and family, so unless someone wants to finance us full time, this will take the time it takes...
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