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what a waste of time and money kids only want to play with buttons and this hasnt got very many if any , and languages are hard to understand even basic, so whats a kid going to do with it ohh yes nothing , what a croc, nobody would bother learning anything on this device ,if a young person wants to learn how to create something then i suggest using a game engine , because if you dont you wouldt ever get anything good.
this computer is just another dust gaverer a complete bit of crap, you can get a 7 inch android for 40 quid you can use it and learn to program an arm cpu onit ,and it still does everything else.

im ranting but im fedup with the backward people in this world that have no sense,

theres only so much resources in the world for christ sake.

there more important things in life are can jimmy put a plug on can he fix his own stuff these are the lost trates , not would jimmy like to play on a really crap small computer..

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