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I purchased mine a weeks ago, on a binge of buying Amiga hardware (and a memory of Wayne mentioning the Kryoflux a year ago), but soon realized I probably should have held off for a while.

It was my fault for getting eager with the PayPal button though, since I did read the specs and rather than reading with skepticism, I allowed myself to get taken in by what looked like a huge list of features I can't live without. The reality is that I am thrilled with being able to read my non protected floppies into .adf format, and the device is worth the cost for that alone, yet the limited writing capability (and the lack of reading to .IPF) is definately disappointing. When I purchased the Kryoflux I was confused by all the SPS business and thought you could both read and write .IPF images. Oh well... hopefully the features will fill out in 2012...until then, it's a useful device for what it does, though if I had had this for a year I'd be getting a bit impatient.
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