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And now, as usual, is when I say I'm not going to make it in time... again...

I took off with a lot of energies, but real life struck really hard and I've been struggling these last weeks loosing some precious sleep time that I needed for the christmas rush at job. The result: now I'm both phisically and mentally exhausted and my work in progress isn't even close to a playable demo. I thought of making something that could be considered a "proof of concept" but just a few minutes ago a friend has called me up to tell me about a reunion of old friends who hadn't met for a long time tomorrow, ruining my very slim and last chance to finish something for Christmas day!

Now for the good news...

I've got a very solid idea of what I pretended to do, so the project is unstoppable now, and will eventually be finished in, eer, not a long time! In the proccess I've learned a few AMOS tricks and my text adventure engine has evolved quite a few steps! So I must first of all give Cammy a really big thanks for her enthusiasm and her competitions, without which none of this would have ever happened!

A few pics of the WIP:

Now, what about the rest of you? How are you doing? Better than me, I hope!

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