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Ok.. did some testing on my config, and with Paul's..

The Immediate Blits unticking made it work a lot better than originally.. but it crashes similarly in the end.. the demo in real machine continues with a "the end" logo and a checkerscroll beneath it... also the BOB's in the text field are now visible, but only in half of the area they are on a real machine

So logically this must mean that the coders have used alot of blitter/copper on the demo

So this must be a bug(?) or lack of preciseness on the blitter/copper emulation.. Wonder if the cycle exact setting works better on it..

Ok the cycle exact test revealed... nothing new.. the BOB's show at first but after a while again all effects are lost..

So the guilty finger points towards Blitter/copper emulation [insert pointing finger here]

Edit: Oh, note to Toni: I am using 0.8.22 R3 on these tests
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