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Hello, New in Town

I've been on a number of Amiga boards for about a decade, but decided
that so much good information was on this one, that I figgered it was time
to join up (if I hadn't before, only to be scrubbed from the index for not
having posted :-)). Presently I use euae under Ubuntu 11.04 (yeah, gotta
get with the program...) nearly everyday---have to see which of my real
Amigas still work---my seven year-old needs one. I get more ignorant
everyday, but I know a little bit about C programming, ARexx and a
broad scattering of fragments of Amiga lore.

Happy (belated) Solstice, Christmas, Saturnalia, Mean Geimhridh, my wife's
birthday, and whatever other holidays can be rustled up, to all EAB members
and users! Don't drink too much---when the boss is watching.

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