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Ah, I just checked now. Yep, its still there. Thanks, I'll try it out sometime tomorrow (2.30am here at the moment).

This whole thing has taken a bit longer than Id wanted. I mostly just wanted to make something that can be done quickly, but life keeps getting in the way (Christmas and whatnot).

Ive got a week of free time as of Monday. Hopefully I'll get to finish it then (current build is alreay somewhat improved versus what Ive sent to people).

Im eager to finish it though, both as it was a new years resolution at the start of the year to finally get off my butt and finish at least something original (Ive done lots of ports this year, but they dont count), and because Im eager to move onto on of the other projects Ive started (either rts, or zelda style adventure, probably the rts 1st).
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