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Originally Posted by ancalimon View Post
No, not that one. I used the one of my link, that now I don't know if it's the same of Aminet, but works.
I believe it has to be the same in Aminet, as it's 1.7
EDIT: There's something extrange with the installation, and perhaps that's why it wasn't working. After you use the install icon, copy again the prism2.device to Devs/Netwoks. I believe it installs the OS4 version with the installer automatically in OS4.1

EDIT: I've reinstalled it. I'm sure that the version in Aminet is the same, so you can use it, but you have to know two things:
- The installer won't copy pccard in libs
- The installer will copy the OS4 version of prism2

Both wrong.

That's why it wasn't working to your friend.

Ah, don't forget to comment here if you get it working now.

(Another post)

Originally Posted by mfilos View Post
Delfina isn't working fine in OS4.1
AFAIK Phipscube and some other guys over never managed to make Delfina work as intended under OS4.1
I surely never tried it as well. Under OS3.9 it works LIKE A CHARM though, both as a sound card and an MPEG decoder.
I'm using now the Delfina under OS4.1 and it sounds a little scratchy with Amplifier. I only copied delfinampg.device in libs, installed delfina with library v14.16 and I could hear the OS4.1 sound at the beginning.

UPPPS! I'm using now AmigaAMP3 for OS4 and all the scratching sound has disappeared. It sounds great!!!

[ Show youtube player ]

Delfina library 4.16

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