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I was thinking I coudn't get the Pcmcia Wifi card working with OS4.1, as they aren't in the list of compatible hardware and prism2.device wasn't working, and that somebody would have to fix it, but...

Neil Cafferkey already did it. Now I am posting using my Orinoco Pcmcia Wifi card using Origyn Web Browser in my A1200/PFS3/OS4.1.

You only have to use the prism2.device for 68k, not the one for os4, and copy the rest of files, including pccard.library in libs. Really it goes very very slow writting now, but at least it works.

Edit: Oh, it goes much faster with IBrowse.

Here are the files:

I'm using Poseidon too. The only difference is that when installing you only have to mark the drivers you really have.
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