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Uridium 2 - Graftgold Keys

Hi there. So I got my A1200 all setup and was having a blast on Uridium 2 (despite my now ageing reactions) the other day and noticed (between bouts of slamming into walls at full tilt over and over) that on one of the last fleets there were destroyable structures on one of the dreadnoughts that dropped a Graftgold key.

Now I'm sure someone here will have played Paradroid 90 (another slice of greatness from Graftgold) and may recall that collecting all the keys in that game gave you access to a new ship filled with pirate/raiders and was wondering if anyone has managed to figure out what the secret (if any) in Uridium 2 is for scooping these up.

Anyone got any ideas or experience about this?
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